Janice Taylor: Life and Wellness Coach, Weight Loss Expert

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a unique partnership between you and a qualified coach.

Together, you and your coach close the gap between the place you are and the place you want to be by building a creative bridge from dreams to reality.

“To live a truly creative life, we always need to cast a critical look at where we presently are, attempting always to discern where we have become stagnant and where new beginning might be ripening. There can be no growth if we do not remain open and vulnerable to what is new and different. I have never seen anyone take a risk for growth that was not rewarded a thousand times over.” – John O’Donohue, To Bless the Space Between Us

Your coach helps you clarify values, cast vision, and define clear steps to take you toward your goals. Your coach is also both your advocate and your accountability partner.

Janice offers a number of one-on-one telephone coaching programs.  Because her coaching plans are customized, her one-on-one coaching fees vary depending upon your needs.  Sessions are via telephone, Skype or in Janice’s New York City office.

As your Life Coach, Janice will:

  • Listen with openness and awareness
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Provide encouragement
  • Spark inspiration
  • Support and assist you to improve and grow as a person
  • Help enable you to achieve your goals and actualize your dreams
  • Foster a process that empowers you to take control of your own life

Her most popular plan is her 4-Week Program.  People find it highly effective and easy to utilize.  It includes:

  • Four (4) – 45 minute phone sessions
  • Unlimited email support in between sessions
  • Customized hypno-meditations (audio portion of the program)
  • Much, much more.

Who Hires A Life Coach?

People who:

  • are ready to put themselves first and create a more fulfilling life
  • are in transition between careers, relationships, roles, lifestyles
  • need help with structure, focus, organizational skills
  • want to discover their unique gifts
  • want to overcome self-sabotaging patterns

For more info or to schedule a free consult, contact Janice Taylor.
/ 917.312.0005

“Never have I ever felt such love, compassion and understanding.  Not an ounce of judgment.  A joyful, life-altering experience.” ~ Megan S., North Carolina

“I lost nearly 5 pounds the first week and connected with my husband in an entirely new way.  Janice’s holistic approach is amazing.” ~ Susan D., California

“I love Janice’s 4 Week Program.  It’s so easy and it works!” ~ Christine H, Florida

“The amount of progress I made in just four weeks far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Janice as a life, wellness and weight loss success coach!” ~ Karen P, Georgia

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